Our History

After years of working in the mass tourism industry, we became disillusioned with many aspects of it: the crowds, the headphones, the impersonal generic tours.

We can do better. We think you can get a more authentic and enjoyable travel experience in smaller groups, with tours tailored to your needs. We began experimenting with this format in 2015 and we never looked back. We’re proud to offer a variety of classic Swiss experiences, from the dramatic alps to quiet villages.

Our Pledge

We only run tours that we would take ourselves. We feature places we know and love from years of experience exploring these area both on our time and on professional tours.

Our prices are competitive, with the added value of personalized attention. We never add on hidden fees.

We use public transportation to enhance the authenticity of every tour while being sustainable. We want you to experience all the great that Switzerland has to offer.

You don’t like tourist traps and neither do we. All our recommendations will be transparent and based on genuine positive experiences that we have had with local vendors. We are all about strengthening ties with our community and giving recognition!

We will not “make you feel like a local”, but we will help you gain a better understanding of them instead. We steer away from stereotypes and vow to portray this country and its people with in all their nuances context and complexity.

We will go to whatever length we can to keep you interested. We feel forever curious and are constantly looking for new facts and information. We have an extensive repertoire of folk stories and colourful characters to share. However, the more you tell us about your interests, the better we can adapt our content.

Book one of our packaged tours today or contact us for a customized itinerary.


Story behind the name

“The Swiss German Suffix -li attaches the meaning of “smallness” to words. Often it is because Switzerland is a small country and people in Switzerland seem fond of smallness, it is a term of endearment.” The formula is that simple: if you want to keep it close to your heart, add a li to the end of a word. Thus the portmanteau that would become our name was born.